Huge 10 Earth Tone Color Premium Liquid Chalk Marker Set with 6 FREE 6mm. Reversible Chisel/Bullet Point Tips

Item#: USA LC-10-ER

Huge 10 Earth Tone Color Premium Liquid Chalk Marker Set with 6 FREE 6mm. Reversible Chisel/Bullet Point Tips

Item#: USA LC-10-ER

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  • 6 FREE Additional 6mm. Reversible Tips with a full 8 grams of pigment that allow you to extend the markers life.
  • AMAZING VERSATILITY: Excellent for use on glass, mirrors, plastic, metal, glossy & LED boards, whiteboards, chalkboard stickers, chalkboard contact paper, cards and so much more!
  • UNIQUE REVERSIBLE TIPS: The 6mm reversible chisel to bullet point tips provide exceptional writing quality and make it easy to do fine lines as well as bright and bold ones too! Made in Japan.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Our Markers are non-toxic, water based (which makes the chalk easy to wipe off) and extremely easy to use for both kids and adults.
  • HAVE FUN DECORATING: For yourself and family, any non-porous surface is your liquid chalk marker canvas!

Weight: 0.55 lb


Ultra Premium 10 Earth Tone Color Liquid Chalk Marker Set by Chalk Master®
Not only do you get superior quality, you also get the full spectrum of bold earthy colors in this extensive 10 color pack. Includes 10 popular earth tone colors: Black, Light Purple, Fleshtone, Rustic Red, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Cream Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green and Sky Blue. Most Brands include only 4 to 8 earthtone colors.

Reversible Chisel to Bullet Point Tips
Because of our markers unique reversible tips, plus the fact that you receive 6 Free additional tips, we are confident that you'll be able to use each marker to its' fullest until all 8 grams of ink is used up. Our premium artist quality fiber nibs are made in Japan. These quality nibs can write with a stable line width over long periods of time while providing excellent ink flow and abrasion resistance.

Easy To Use
You'll love using our chalk markers because of their ease of use, as they go on like you're using a pen but dry like bright vibrant colored chalk with clean sharp edges! There's no limit to the creative uses you'll find for using chalk markers, as you are the artist and any non-porous item is your canvas.

Liquid Chalk vs. Traditional Chalk
Liquid chalk markers are far superior than traditional chalk as they are dust free, don't smear after drying, come in vibrant bold colors, make mistakes easily correctable, they are easy to clean off, plus they write on any non-porous surface! Chalk markers provide you the attention grabbing look you desire without the messy drawbacks of traditional chalk

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