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Complete Professional Belloccio Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System with a MASTER SET of All 17 Foundation Color Shades in 1/4 oz Bottles

Item#: BEL KIT-17

Complete Professional Belloccio Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System with a MASTER SET of All 17 Foundation Color Shades in 1/4 oz Bottles

Item#: BEL KIT-17

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  • An ideal system for those looking to get started in the world of cosmetic makeup airbrushing. Belloccio system includes a precision makeup airbrush and a compressor with 3 air flow settings.
  • A Master Set of all 17 Belloccio foundation color shades. Includes all the colors from each of the 4 Belloccio foundation sets (fair, medium, tan & dark), to assure a perfect match.
  • Includes bottles of anti-aging moisturizing primer, blush, shimmer, bronzer, and airbrush cleaner
  • 11 Free Bonus Items: A 5 gram jar of each Belloccio concealer color shade - fair, medium, tan and dark along with 6 egg shaped makeup blending sponges to apply it, plus a 1 oz. bottle of Belloccio's airbrush makeup finishing and setting spray.
  • User Guide Manual and an Online Link for the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Getting Started Video Guide: Manual and video provide detailed steps for getting the best results when using the Belloccio System.

Weight: 4.4 lb


Belloccio's exclusive airbrush foundation will change your makeup application forever!

  • Fast, easy and flawless results in minutes!
    • Within minutes you can achieve an even, flawless, soft natural look that's perfectly blended to match your skin tone
    • Easy to apply, light asair daily wear makeup that lasts all day without touch-ups
    • Instantly conceals imperfections
    • Mastering airbrush techniques is simple and quick. Takes only minutes to learn how to apply the makeup correctly
  • Revolutionary water-based foundation allows your naturally beautiful skin to show through - without the imperfections!
    • It's paraben, oil and fragrance free with beneficial anti-aging antioxidants & moisturizers that promote a healthy youthful high definition look
    • Safe for sensitive skin and all skin types; Dermatologist recommended; Hypoallergenic
    • Belloccio's makeup is Made in the USA

  • Hygienic Application
    • Makeup never touches the hands, brushes or sponges, so makeup contamination iseliminated

Complete Belloccio 1/4 oz MASTER Foundation Color Shade Set System Includes:

  • Belloccio Airbrushing Cosmetic Makeup System (1 year warranty)
    • Super quiet mini airbrush compressor: Has 3 airflow control settings, 6 foot push on rubber airbrush hose and airbrush holder. Operates at 12V DC with a 110V AC plug in adapter
    • Professional Precision Single-Action Gravity Feed Makeup Airbrush: Has a 0.4mm tip & 1/16 oz cup. Airbrush is designed to provide an ultra fine mist of makeup, allowing you to achieve a flawless, soft natural complexion
    • User Guide Manual: Detailed steps for getting the best results with the system

  • Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Foundation Set with All 17 Color Shades in 1/4 oz Bottles, Plus Primer
    • 4 FAIR Shades: Light skin tone colors with pink and yellow undertones. Colors: Blanc, vanilla, alabaster and buff
    • 4 MEDIUM Shades: Medium skin tones with pink, yellow and olive undertones. Colors: Beige, ivory, golden tan and cappuccino
    • 4 TAN Shades: Medium to dark skin tones with red, golden and yellow undertones. Colors: Cocoa, latte, honey beige and mocha
    • 5 DARK Shades: Dark skin tones with cool, neutral and warm undertones. Colors: Espresso, java, hazelnut, ebony and dark ebony
    • Anti-Aging Moisturizing Primer: (1/2 oz bottle) for use before, during or after makeup is applied

  • Belloccio Blush, Shimmer and Bronzer Shade Set (3 shades in 1/4 oz bottles)
    • Charming Lily Blush: (Peachy Pink Tone) Matte blush that's perfectly pigmented to achieve a natural healthy-looking color that instantly brightens your complexion
    • Champagne Shimmer Highlighter: (Peach Shimmer) Shimmer creates a radiant pearlized effect and emphasize features on body, face, eyes and cheeks
    • Radiant Bronzer: (Rich bronzer with golden pearlized effect) A radiant enhancer for eyes and cheeks to achieve that healthy radiant after sunglow

  • 11 Free Bonus Belloccio Products:
    • 4 - 5 gram jars of Belloccio concealer: A 5 gram jar of each concealer color shade - Fair, Medium, Tan and Dark. A high definition concealer that's perfect for hiding under eye circles and other hard to hide blemishes before airbrushing on your foundation.
    • 6 Egg shaped Belloccio makeup blending sponges: Cosmetic blending and application sponges that are perfect for applying concealers, makeup, creams and powders.
    • 1 oz. bottle of Belloccio's airbrush makeup finishing spray: A lightweight refreshing airbrush finishing spray that sets your makeup, so it stays in place and looks fresh all day.

  • Online Link for the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Getting Started Guide Video: Includes equipment setup and usage, basics of airbrushing, makeup application, cleaning the airbrush, before and afters and more. Demonstrates equipment use and the essential makeup application techniques and tips needed to achieve fast, easy and flawless results in minutes!

  • Belloccio Airbrush Cleaner (4 ounce bottle)

Additional Airbrush Makeup Details

  • The Belloccio Airbrush applies makeup in a fine mist that sits evenly on your skin and does not cake or clog pores. Belloccio's airbrush foundation conceals imperfections and evens out your skin tone for a flawless, balanced and glowing complexion.
  • It instantly conceals and diminishes unwanted imperfections like: Wrinkles & fine lines, acne & pore issues, redness & discoloration, freckles & tattoos, rosacea & age spots, scars & birthmarks, dark circles under the eyes and so much more...
  • Belloccio airbrush makeup not only looks beautiful on the skin but also contains skin care benefits giving you the ultimate foundation experience every day!
  • As a bonus your airbrush can be used to tan your face, neck and body.
  • All Belloccio Cosmetics are Made in the USA.