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Practice Strokes

Airbrushing can be one of the most difficult and challenging methods of painting out there.  Whether you're into Hobby, Crafts, Fine art, Illustration, Automotive, Face Painting, Body Art, T-shirt & Textile art, Cake Decorating, Nail art or Murals,  getting to know you're Airbrush can be an amazingly interesting Journey.

This is because there are so many factors associated with the Art of Airbrushing.  Unlike a Pencil, Paintbrush or marker, which do not have parts, Airbrushes are their own creature with many internal moving parts.  If one of the parts is malfunctioning, the entire airbrush will also malfunction but, that is a different lesson.

The actual painting with an Airbrush is also multifaceted where the strokes include Distance + Speed + Paint.  The sample beginner strokes below covers all of these aspects of beginning to control your Airbrush and produce the results you require from it. Taking the time to practice these particular strokes will enable you to create an infinite amount of varying paint strokes.