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Metallic 5 Color Enamel Kit, 1/4 Pint


Metallic 5 Color Enamel Kit, 1/4 Pint

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  • One-Shot Lettering Enamel KIT OF 5 METALLIC COLORS in Quarter Pints(4 oz.)

Weight: 2.5 lb


Includes 1 Quarter Pint Can of each of these5 Colors: 109L Metallic Gold QP, 110L MetallicCopper QP, 111L Metallic Brass QP, 193L Metallic Silver QP, 191L Imitation Gold QP

Since 1948, sign artists, automotive dealers and graphic artists across North America have been depending on their professional "1 SHOT" distributor for a complete assortment of "1 SHOT" products. Absolute commitment to QUALITY has made "1 SHOT" the preferred product used by graphic artists for over 50 years. The superiority of "1 SHOT" products immediately becomes evident when you consider factors such as: Opacity, Durability, Sag resistance, Color fastness, Fade resistance, Tooling and Quick set-up. All "1 SHOT" colors can be intermixed so graphic artists have an infinite color palette available without a large investment of money. To the graphic artist, this spells SUCCESS.

Note on sizes: QP = Quarter Pint which = 4 oz., HP = Half Pint which = 8 oz., Pint = 16 oz. Quart = 32 oz., Gallon = 128 oz.