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The Black Panther

Difficulty: Hard
The Black Panther

This is a fun technique that will help you in your overall drawing skills. Creating with highlights, as opposed to creating using shadows, is the other half of what drawing requires. It is very fun and different from drawing only shadows and lines with dark pigments. Let’s Get to It!

What You'll Need

Colored Pencils

  • Black
  • White
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray


  • Black Heavyweight Paper

Step 1: Start with the Head

Using a medium grey colored pencil, begin to map out the head of the Black Panther. Multiple, light layers of highlights is the best way to build up highlights, giving him life. Start very lightly.

Step 2: Add a Cape

Once you have his head is in place, you can start to sketch out his cape, giving yourself a good idea of where his broad shoulders will go.

Step 3: Chest and Shoulder Armor

Now, sketch in the armor over his shoulders and chest. Build up the highlights and gradually the shadows will begin to appear, the same way you create highlights by shading.

Step 4: Biceps and Abs

Still using the same medium grey colored pencil, let’s continue on down to his to his biceps and abs. Keep in mind where the light source is coming from at all times so that each little muscle receives the same light treatment.

Step 5: Highlight Armor Shine

You can begin to really pull out the super highlights by using a white colored pencil on top of the medium grey. In this step, you are adding in the gleams and shiny parts of the armor. Have fun as this is the best part: making your Black Panther Super Hero Shine.

Step 6: Glove

Finally, let’s finish him off with the left hand glove. Allow the highlights to dissolve into the blackness. This is a very fun way to learn highlighting as well as working on your shading.

Thanks for joining along with me today and join us soon for another fun US Art Supply tutorial.

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